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 Pardons Canada Exclusive Discount

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Pardons Canada is an organization that helps people to get Pardons, and US Entry Waivers. Pardons Canada is a non-profit organization. For over 25 years they have accomplished over 200,000 Pardons, record suspensions, and US Entry Waivers. Even though there are other sites that can help you, Pardons Canada comes highly recommended. They are professional and efficient. They can help you.

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You can remain anonymous when you call and the service is 100 % confidential. You can call or go to their walk-in center and they will tailor the service to your specific needs. After receiving your permission, Pardons Canada will start the process and take the steps needed to remove your record. The record removal can include: photograph destruction, purges, finger print destruction, US entry waiver, Record suspensions.

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Referral to organizations When necessary you’ll be referred to the other organizations for help that’s specific to your case. Eligibility They will determine if it’s possible for you to receive a pardon. Employment Support Letters and Immigration Pardons Canada will help you to get the documents you need to prove that you have improved your behavior and that you are now a law-abiding person. dui

 Frequently Asked Questions about

  1. Is private or a government agency?

Pardons Canada is a not for profit private national organization. For over 25 years they’ve been helping Canadians.  They are record removal specialists.        

  1. Does Pardons Canada instruct the government on the matter of criminal records.

Yes. They act as resource for the government and help other organizations with education programs. Pardons Canada is also a resource for Corrections Canada, Legal clinics, Probation offices, etc.

  1. How do people find out about Pardons Canada?

There are more than 5400 organizations and offices that depend on Pardons Canada’s knowledge and experience. These offices refer to Pardons Canada. Some of the offices are: Police stations, Welfare offices, Employment centers, and Addiction centers

  1. Are Pardons Canada counsellors fully trained before working with the public?

Yes. Pardons Canada counsellors are experts. They go through an extensive training process so that they can provide the absolute best service to you.

  1. Should I take on Pardons Canada?

Because of the complexity of the laws it’s hard to understand them on your own. Even people that work in the field of law have misconceptions about the policies and protocols. But, Pardons Canada is always in touch with thousands of police stations and courts and know how to interpret the policies for record destruction. Pardons Canada stays up to date with any changes to municipal, provincial, and federal policies. A large percentage of applications that an individual does on their own are rejected because of small mistakes. So, to save time and money it is better to hire Pardons Canada to work for you.

  1. Can’t I do this on my own and save money?

You can but there’s a high probability that the application won’t be accepted. Contact Pardons Canada for any of the questions you may have on doing the application by yourself. Unfortunately, without Pardons Canada your application may take a lot of time and cost even more money. bondable Testimonials

To whom this may concern, I would like to extend the sincerest thank you to Pardons Canada for granting me the removal of my criminal record. Words can not explain how happy I am to have been granted this. My record has prevented me from pursuing my dreams as a nurse, prevented me from visiting my ill brother, has limited me from accomplishing many goals, has affected my self-esteem, and most importantly has taught me an important lesson. My brother is an American citizen and had undergone a heart transplant surgery 5 years ago. Despite the transplant being a success, he unfortunately suffered a right hemisphere stroke causing extensive nerve damage on the left side of his body. In addition to the physical limitations caused by the stroke, this has also caused a drastic effect on his mental stability especially with regard to depression and social anxiety. Because of my criminal record, it was very cumbersome to try and visit/support him. My brother’s aide would notice a positive change in his mood when he spoke to me on the phone or when I would visit him; however, he would quickly regress back to his depressed state after speaking to me or after I left. This was incredibly heart-wrenching for me since I wanted to support my brother more often than I could but again, was held back because of my record. As such, this second chance is allowing me to be a better sister to my brother and supporting him in his recovery. A positive mental state will greatly influence his recovery. Growing up, I have always wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, particularly in nursing. I had found this career to be especially suitable for me due to my caring nature, interest in the welfare of others, my fascination with human health, and the positive bed-side manner that I knew I could use to put a smile on someone’s face. I had always excelled in school and was ecstatic when I was accepted into the nursing program at St. Clair College. Unfortunately, due to my criminal record, that dream of mine had to be forfeited and I have been down ever since due to the unbearable weight of regret and remorse I have felt. This has also limited me with regard to program/career choices which was only a constant reminder of my inability to become a nurse due to my irresponsible actions. As such, the removal of my criminal record has provided me with a second chance to become a nurse, which is something I still want to be. Despite the effect that this has had on my self-esteem, this did not change my interest in helping others in a healthcare setting. I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity. Thank you! Anonymous

I am very grateful to have had the help of Pardons Canada, which helped me to move on with my life in the right direction. I was falsely accused of a crime, which I ended up taking to court and won. Pardons Canada gave me the opportunity to erase my fingerprints and photos out of a criminal justice system, which could have ruined my life with the stigma of being something I am not. I can now feel confident to apply for a job, school or do a background check without feeling depressed or having anxiety of my past. The horrible situation I went through does not define me and it sure will not stop me from accomplishing all the positive opportunities that are awaiting me. I have also learned a lot from the terrible situation that I went through. I have friends, family support, mentors and positive people around me so I am stronger than I was several years ago and now I am filled with joy and not hate. Thank you Pardons Canada for your help. I hope many other people with a similar incident like mine will seek help to get their record destroyed. Anonymous

I want to thank you for the opportunity to request and receive the pardon. I was always afraid to go out of the country for the last few years due to the burden of having a criminal record such as I did. It was very difficult as I was not able to take me daughter to her hockey games in the United States last year for fear I would not be allowed to cross the border. Now with a clear record I will be able to travel and watch her play anywhere. Thank you for allowing me to complete the process for the pardon. You made it very clear and answered any questions and concerns promptly. Anonymous

I am writing this letter in support of the Pardon/Record Suspension process. As you are aware, many companies in Canada are adopting a zero tolerance policy regarding the hiring of people with any criminal convictions. I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders now that I have received my pardon for an impaired driving conviction over 25 years ago. I am now able to follow my desire of a new career in the transportation industry by being free to apply for trucking positions without recrimination due to a criminal record. With this change, I am now in a better position to provide for my family. I feel fortunate to be a citizen of a country that has a process to erase the record of bad decisions made by its citizens and remove the stigma of a criminal record. I feel it is an integral part of being a Canadian that our justice system sees fit to give a person a second chance, when warranted. I hope this letter of support will help keep the process in place to help other people free themselves from mistakes that resulted in a criminal record. Anonymous

Dear Sir, I wanted to send this note to detail how the services provided by Pardons Canada have alleviated the difficulties I faced, personally and professionally, due to indiscretions I had committed in the past. Although I was one of the applicants who got caught up in the legislative changes that occurred during the process, your company kept me apprised of all the applicable changes and requirements that I would further have to fulfill in order to complete the process of applying for a pardon. I was very humbled by the empathy and care that was expressed to me at all times. A special thanks to Ms. Julie Reynolds who not only took the time to communicate the necessary requirements but also assisted in helping me to understand the time line involved. Ms. Reynolds is a wonderful asset to your company. I received a full pardon late in November 2013 and the feeling of being able to once again walk with my head held high is a feeling that is impossible to describe. I had resigned myself to always feeling “less than” in society. The services provided, gave me hope that I would one day be unburdened by my criminal behaviour of the past. Your company helped me to understand that, although I should never forget my mistakes, it is unimportant what I had done in the past; what is important is what I am doing with the present and further to that, how I choose to live my life in the future. A future that is ripe with opportunities, thanks to everyone in your office who made this happen. I approached this process with trepidation and felt that it would be a lost cause. However, with empathy, tenacity and foresight, your company has made me feel whole again as a man and a contributing, productive member of society. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who would like to know the freedom and benefits that a pardon can bring. Thank you kindly for all your time and effort. With regards Anonymous

A weight has been lifted from my shoulders, no more negativity on my character, increased self- esteem. I feel now I reclaimed my positive character reference. No more criminal stigma. This will make a difference in my life and I can continue to build a better future. Not having to worry if this will come back and bite me, with regards to: Getting bonded, mortgage approval, volunteering, employment, renting apartments, education, child custody issues, immigration matters and travel especially to the U.S.A. I will continue to be a law abiding citizen and learn from my mistakes that I have made as a young and fooling man. I have honestly paid the price in many ways. Your service was great, long but I understand. It is worth the wait and the price. Thank You. Anonymous

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