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What Do I Need?

Pardons Canada will look at your unique situation to figure out the best order of actions that should be taken so that you can get your Pardon/ record suspension/ U.S. Entry waiver.  Some things that are taken into consideration are:

  1. Your immigration and employment status
  2. Your personal situation
  3. The date you went to court.

To make the process as painless as possible Pardons Canada employs counselors that are professionally trained. You can use the walk-in center or contact Pardons Canada by phone or email.

What happens to me when I’m refused entry at the U.S. Border?


This can be a very stressful and disappointing experience. Your criminal record has gotten in the way of your freedom again.

Don’t worry, Pardons Canada will help you.

This is a great promotion! There’s no telling how long it will be available.

This tends to surprise people especially since they had managed to cross the U.S border previously. This happens because the checks at the border are randomized but the practice is being used more and more lately. In the future, you’ll have to have an entry waiver document to get in. The process of attaining a waiver can be difficult and Pardons Canada will help you expedite the process.

You’re not going to get a better price for a service like this.

Is it possible that I won’t get a promotion or job because of my record?

theft under 5000 criminal code

Criminal records make it hard to get that promotion or job that you want.

Losing that job

Just because you are already employed doesn’t mean you can get a promotion because employers can and do check criminal records, especially when you are applying for a promotion. Another possibility is that when they do the search and find your record you will lose your job.

Getting that job

Upon signing of a job application, you may have authorized the employer to check if you have a criminal record. Having a record can seriously harm your chances of getting the job.


When it comes to your company being awarded a contract from another business, the other business is likely to check your criminal record beforehand. This is true especially if you will have access to certain information or will be working with a vulnerable group of people. Criminal record searches are often done for accountants, programmers, and people in childcare.

Getting bonded

An employer must pay insurance to counter the possible risk that their staff might commit a crime. If you have a criminal record the company has to pay more money to the insurance companies to bond you. Due to the additional costs the company may simply choose not to hire you. These Careers usually need a criminal record check:

  • •           Every government office
  • •           Funeral directors
  • •           Couriers
  • •           Bank workers
  • •           Casino employees
  • •           limo and taxi drivers
  • •           Daycare workers
  • •           Insurance brokers
  • •           Collection agents
  • •           Investment advisors
  • •           Nurses
  • •           Police Officers
  • •           Car dealers and dealerships
  • •           Truck drivers
  • •           Security guards
  • •           Teachers
  • •           Volunteers

What will happen if I am refused opportunities to volunteer?

absolute discharge

Criminal records can affect many if not all areas of your life. Coaching kid’s sports teams and volunteering in general requires a criminal record check. In order to be able to volunteer you need to get your Pardon taken care of. Once Pardoned with the help of Pardons Canada you’ll not have to worry about any other future application rejection.

What if I can’t stay or immigrate to Canada

us can

Visit Canada

It is considered illegal to come to Canada if you have a criminal record without having received permission from the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). If you want to return to Canada you have to apply for a Pardon first. If you have a foreign criminal record, you have to acquire a Ministers Permit or complete an Application for Rehabilitation.

Minister’s Permits and Work Authorizations

If you were given an Authorization to work prior to when you were charged it may be revoked which will cause your deportation.

Refugee Status

If a refugee is found to have a criminal record they can lose their status and be deported. The whole family of the person with a criminal record can be deported.

Landed Status or Permanent Resident

If during the application for permanent residence or Canadian citizenship your residency status will be revoked. Then you’ll be deported. This is true even if you’ve been in Canada since you were a child. The criminal record still be used against you even if the charge is very old.

Canadian Citizenship

Pardons Canada can help you to have your record sealed or destroyed before you apply for citizenship.

You’re not going to get a better price for a service like this.

Regardless of the severity of the offense you will experience major delays in your citizenship application process. In the worst-case scenario, you can have your status removed and be deported.

Being Deported from Canada

If a deportation process is started against you it is advisable to explain to them that you have started a process of resolving your record and getting a Pardon. Having started the process will illustrate to Immigration Canada that you are a law-abiding person and that you deserve to have your record removed. Also, you can tell the what approximate date your record will be cleared. In this case they can decide to cancel your deportation.

What if I can’t visit the United States to see my family

peace bond

The United States officials at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have the right to refuse you entry at the border if they find you have a criminal record. Since 2009 the United States has required Canadians arriving in America to have passports. Due to this fact it’s now a lot easier for them to see if you have a record or not. Even if your charges were dismissed, withdrawn, or stayed and even if you were acquitted you’ll have to still get a waiver document or pardon. Canadians in this exact situation call Pardons Canada every day.

What I can’t get custody of my children

When it comes to children, their best interests are always the most important factor for the courts. The parent’s personality and character are other factors. Having record always negatively affects your application for custody. Having a criminal record also can affect your visitation rights. It’s always in your best interests to get the Pardon process started before applying for custody.



I am writing to express my gratitude for the assistance that Pardons Canada provided in obtaining my” pardon/record suspension. A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel like many more opportunities have opened up for me and my family. I can now apply for jobs with the knowledge that my past record will not disqualify me. Thank you again for the great service your organization provides. Anonymous

My deepest thank you and gratitude for giving me the chance to have my life and freedom back. I look forward to excelling within my career so that I can better provide for my family. My kids for years have asked me to take a vacation with them but due to the poor choices I made I was not able to do so.  My children now plan a surprise trip for us all to enjoy. I am grateful to have been given a second change to do the things I love to do as well as explore. I have been given a chance to be a better man and achieve all the things I wanted to do. I can do more things in society and in the community. Thanks once again. Anonymous

I would like to pass along my sincere thanks and appreciation in regards to receiving my pardon/record suspension. Needless to say, this was great news and quite a relief. I realize this is privilege and I will do my utmost to maintain a good and positive standing. I am hoping to become a Canadian citizen, so this is of great importance. Once again many thanks to Pardons Canada and your associates for your assistance. All the best. Anonymous

I am grateful and pleased to have received the official pardon after 15 years. A huge burden has been lifted by removing this criminal record. It is wonderful to feel free once again. Thank you. Anonymous

Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you very much for getting this Pardon for me.  I have not been in trouble before and do not want to be again. This is a very very big burden off my shoulders. Getting this pardon not only frees me of a record but also of the guilt. Special thanks to Brian. He made me at ease and not like a criminal. And thank you Andrew for getting the ball rolling. Anonymous

I’d like to thank everyone in your company regarding the excellent service you provided in clearing my name. Especially Chris who told me on the phone two months ago that everything was almost finished. And further, I feel an immense relief that a huge burden has disappeared. Keep up the great work. Anonymous

I would like to thank you for helping with my pardon/record suspension. It feels extremely wonderful to be unburdened after having my pardon issued. I’m hoping this letter will continue to ensure that you are able to continue helping other people to receive their pardons/record suspensions issued to them in the future. Upon having been issued this pardon/record suspension and the removal of my criminal record by Pardons Canada, I was elated. I am positive that this pardon/record suspension will make a big difference in my professional and my personal life. I again would like to thank your for your time and efforts. Anonymous

It is with humility and profound gratitude that I accept this pardon. I feel like a new person because I am able to visit my family in the United States and not have to worry. For so many years this has been a burden on my shoulders. Thats now been lifted thanks to your generosity and help. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for this and may you continue to help others that are in the unfortunate situation that I was in. Thank you again. Anonymous

Dear Pardons Canada, having received a Record Suspension due to your tireless work and expertise I am eternally grateful to you. I will now be able to get a job I like in the field that I want to be in, like nursing. Your efforts have changed my life profoundly for the better. I am now able to pursue my dreams unhindered by the consequences of a criminal record. Thank you again for your help and support. Anonymous

Thank you for sending confirmation of the removal of my record and destruction of my fingerprints and photographs. I was so Hppy to finally receive this letter as it has been a long process. Having a record sets up barriers to employment and has a negative impact on ones life. People look at you in a different light when you have a record. I am thankful I had the support systems in the community or my life would not have been so positive. I thank you for your diligence and all the people who helped to assist in the process of the removal of my record. I understand that there is a lot of work that goes into it. I am sincerely grateful to no longer be burdened with a record because it feels as though a weight was lifted off of me. Now I can lie my life in a better light. Anonymous

Thank you very much Pardons Canada for your help in removing my suspension. Its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I felt terrible and it was unfair what I did to my family. Even though they were less critical of my mistake they are proud of me and now its time to move forward. I do have some friends in the same predicament I have told them not to await any longer, to start the process and believe or not the time does pass by quickly. You will deal with friendly and professional people that will gladly help you. I visit a nursing home 3 times a week where my mother lives I enjoy helping her with her meals, but now that my suspension has been grated I can help some of her friends out in the same manner. So thanks again for all your help. Anonymous

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